Tell a Story with Socrata Perspectives

Do something with all that data.
"A data story starts out like any other story, with a beginning and a middle. However, the end should never be a fixed event, but rather a set of options or questions to trigger an action from the audience. Never forget that the goal of data storytelling is to encourage and energize critical thinking for business decisions." -James Richardson
With Socrata Perspectives™, you can easily and quickly produce narrative reports and stories. In these videos, we'll share how to create and edit a story, especially how to take advantage of the different types of media that are supported. You'll also leave knowing how to manage the story, invite collaborators, and share it with others.


Why do you want to tell a story? Context.
See examples from our customers:

Build a Simple Story

Compose your story with different kinds of media! Visualizations, tables, images, videos, text, and links all come together to paint a complete picture using content blocks.

Manage Your Story

Edit, share, copy! It's easy to modify a story once it's published.

Build an Advanced Story

Take it even further! Use a good rhythm of headers, text, images, and visualizations.

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