Create and Manage Your Socrata Dataset

Create an account and get started on your first dataset. 
In these videos, you will learn the data publishing workflow for your Socrata site. Create drafts, publish datasets, edit and update data, and manage the use and access of your dataset. 
Public users are not allowed to create datasets (or Perspectives Stories), but you may create charts and maps as a public user.
This content is offered as live training to Socrata customers.


Datasets on Socrata must be in a tidy format! Tidy data is a dataset where each column represents a variable or attribute, and each row represents an incident or observation. 

Create Your First Dataset

Watch how it works! You may download the dataset referenced in this video here. The creation method described in this video is a manual one, but there are other ways to connect Socrata directly to data sources, including our Socrata Gateway framework and our APIs.

Publish and Manage Your Dataset

Choose the audience for your dataset. If you want others to see the assets you create, you may add them as viewers or collaborators to private assets, publish your assets to an internal audience for everyone in your organization to see, or make them public to share with the people you serve.

Update Your Dataset

Let's keep it current! Again, the update method described in this video is a manual, but when datasets may be updated automatically using our Socrata Gateway framework or our APIs. If you would like to practice these steps, you may download the second dataset here.

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