The Bridges of Seattle

The Value of Bridges

While all bridges are constructed and maintained, the value of that bridge needs to be assessed on a regular basis based on a replacement value. To the left chart outlines all the bridges, as of 2017, that the city benefits from. The valuations add up to $6,300,842,120 over 117 Bridges ranging from $280,800 (30th Ave NE Ped Bridge) to $600,160,000 (Spokane Viaduct - now removed for the tunnel).  That's quite a spread of value so it can be useful to start distinguishing bridges on more than jus their replacement value. 

What makes a bridge?

Below are the sub-assets by sufficiency rating. Every bridge is made up of a few individual parts. Take for example a bascule bridge, which Seattle has. you have the motor, the two separate sides of the bridge. and the swing that lifts each side. Together they can make up a "whole bridge" like the Fremont Bridge. 

Where are these bridges?

In this map, we can quickly see some of our most important bridges are in fair to poor condition, many of which are past their design life. Hover your cursor over the bridges to see when they were built and how much it would cost to fully replace them.

Who Cares?

Councilmembers care about bridges in their areas.  
Click on the bar for your council district to see the age ranges of the bridges in your district and their condition.